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Manchester Physio are the leading physiotherapy practice in Manchester. Whatever your problem we guarantee that we will have the best physiotherapist for you.

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Manchester Physio is a team of specialist physiotherapists. All of the physiotherapists at Manchester Physio are recruited on the basis of their diagnostic, treatment, and personal qualities. All our physiotherapists are either specialists in musculoskeletal problems (muscles and joint problems including sport injuries), neurological problems (conditions affecting the brain or spinal cord) paediatrics (children's physiotherapy and development).

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MSK Physiotherapy Service

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy is focused on your biomechanical and structural rehabilitation. With targeted goals to maximise your functional movement so you can return to normal daily activities. This type of therapy is most commonly used to address accidental injuries, sports injuries and resolving physical impairment due to lifestyle and ageing.

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Our Clinics

St John Street

6 Minshull Street, Manchester, M1 3ED - 0161 883 0077

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Minshull Street

3-5 St John Street, Manchester, M3 4DN - 0161 883 0077

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17 Claremont Road, Sale,
Cheshire, M33 7DZ
0161 883 0077


West Pennine Consulting Rooms,
Pennine Drive, Ashton under Lyne, OL6 9SE
0161 883 0077


9 Mealhouse Brow, Stockport,
Cheshire, SK1 1JP
0161 883 0640


The Strand Medical Centre, The
Strand, Kirkholt, Rochdale, OL11 2LG
0161 883 0077


86 Worsley Road, Eccles,
Manchester, M30 8LS
0161 883 0077


29-31 Sunderland Street,
Macclesfield, SK11 6JL
0174 264 344

Neuro Physiotherapy Service

Neurological Physiotherapy specialises in addressing the physical conditions that arise as a result of impairment in function of either the brain, spinal cord or peripheral nerves. The common issues addressed in this type of therapy are mobility problems, muscle strength, range of movement and balance. All of which impact the clients ability to resume normal activities of daily living, affecting their subsequent quality of life.

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Paediatric Physiotherapy Service

Paediatric Physiotherapy is focused on treating the full range of conditions that can affect a child's functional movement, weather the cause is physiological or neurological in origin. Special consideration has to be given to still developing bodies in the way they are assessed and treated.

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Vestibular Physiotherapy Service

Vestibular Physiotherapy is a specialised area of therapy focused on treating the systems controlling balance and associated dizziness. Although balance is controlled from a small part of the inner ear and its communication with the brain, it can have a huge and debilitating impact on your life. Symptoms can include dizziness, nausea, headaches, fatigue and imbalance. We treat conditions such as Vestibular Neuronitis and Labyrinthitis, but often clients will have no specific diagnosis.

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Sports Massage Service

Massage is a manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscles and soft tissues in the body. At Manchester Physio we offer a wide range of different massage types that uses various techniques to achieve our patient goals. Our massage treatments at Manchester Physio can provide a range of health benefits, increase sporting performance and aid relaxation.

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Hydrotherapy Service

Hydrotherapy is a specialist form of physiotherapy used in the treatment of both adults and children with varying conditions. Manchester Physio have fully qualified physiotherapists experienced in hydrotherapy treatment and the facilities used are of an exceptionally high standard with ease of access for those with reduced mobility and wheelchair users. If you would to make an appointment for a hydrotherapy session please contact Manchester Physio at 0161 883 0077.

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