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ManchesterPhysio.co.uk welcomes and encourages other websites to link to it.

If you wish to link to ManchesterPhysio.co.uk there are three linking options we recommend:

  1. Text links to ManchesterPhysio.co.uk content
  2. Text links to ManchesterPhysio.co.uk homepage
  3. ManchesterPhysio.co.uk logo

To enhance the user experience we recommend options one and two to enable users to understand exactly where they will land and what content they can expect to receive when they get to ManchesterPhysio.co.uk.

1. Text links to Physio.co.uk content

To offer users a better experience, consider using descriptive anchor text and linking directly to the relevant Physio.co.uk article page. A list of suggested content areas and anchor text is provided below.

Suggested link/anchor textLink target URL
About Physiohttp://www.manchesterphysio.co.uk/about-us
Physio clinicshttp://www.manchesterphysio.co.uk/our-clinics
Physio careershttp://www.manchesterphysio.co.uk/careers
Contact Physiohttp://www.manchesterphysio.co.uk/contact-us
What Physios treathttp://www.manchesterphysio.co.uk/treatments/what-we-treat
Physio treatmentshttp://www.manchesterphysio.co.uk/treatments
Physio serviceshttp://www.manchesterphysio.co.uk/services
Who Physios work withhttp://www.manchesterphysio.co.uk/we-work-with

Source code guidance

You can use the following example source code to create the above links:

<a href="http://www.manchesterphysio.co.uk/treatments" title="Treatments">Physio treatments</a>

The title attribute (title ="Treatments") allows this text to be read by speaking browsers and is visible to users when their mouse hovers over the link.

2. Text links to Physio.co.uk homepage

If you wish to use text to link to the ManchesterPhysio.co.uk homepage, you should use the following anchor text: Manchester Physio.

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Phone: 0161 883 0077
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Our clinics are open:
Mon - Fri: 7am - 9pm
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Physio.co.uk have clinics located throughout the North West.

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