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What is Acute wry neck pain?

Acute wry neck pain is a common and very painful injury characterised by a sudden onset of sharp neck pain with limitation of movement. It commonly occurs during a sudden quick movement or on waking.

What causes Acute wry neck pain?

It is unclear what the exact cause of acute wry neck pain is. It may result from a minor injury or simply sleeping with the neck in an unusual position. It is thought that the joints in the neck become jammed or locked, which results in pain and muscle spasm.

Diagnosis of Acute wry neck pain

Your doctor will usually be able to diagnose acute wry neck pain from the description of the pain, and by examining you.

What are the symptoms/effects of Acute wry neck pain?

  • Pain
  • Unable to turn head, usually holding it twisted to one side,
  • Muscle spasms

Physiotherapy for Acute wry neck pain

Physiotherapy treatment at Manchester Physio will relieve pain and keep your neck moving as normally, so that you make a full recovery as soon as possible.

A person with acute wry neck pain will benefit from physiotherapy treatment.

At Manchester Physio, your physiotherapist will prevent your neck from stiffening up and provide you with gentle exercises to gradually increase your range of movement.

Physiotherapy treatment at Manchester Physio will depend on your current symptoms but may include:
  • Advice on painkillers and anti-inflammatories
  • Soft tissue massage to relieve pain and muscle spasm
  • Heat therapy to relieve stiffness
  • Ultrasound to promote healing
  • Active and passive range of movement exercises to improve range of movement and prevent stiffness
  • Postural advice to check that you are sitting appropriately at work or at the computer.
Your physiotherapist at Manchester Physio will ensure your treatment program is tailored to you to ensure you make the best possible recovery and continue to improve in the long term

For more information about physiotherapy for acute wry neck pain, or to book an appointment please call 0161 883 0077.

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