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What is cervical postural syndrome?

The most common neck pathology seen by Manchester Physio is "cervical postural syndrome". This condition is characterised by a protruding chin and rounded shoulders. A common complaint is that of burning or aching across the neck and shoulders. Pain is aggravated by maintaining one position for long periods. Office workers who work at a computer are most likely to suffer from this condition.

While benefiting from physiotherapy treatment to address the various abnormalities associated with this condition, people also benefit from an ergonomic workstation assessment from one of our specialised physiotherapists at Manchester Physio.

What causes cervical postural syndrome?

Cervical postural syndrome is caused by adopting poor posture over a prolonged period of time. This may occur during sitting (e.g. at a computer or driving) or during everyday activities such as cooking and cleaning.

Muscle imbalance may also contribute to poor posture. Imbalance of muscles in the upper back and neck means that the pectoralis major muscle in the front of your chest and the muscles in the back of the neck are shortened and tight. The muscles at the back of the shoulders and upper back (trapezius, latissimus dorsi and rhomboids) are weakened and stretched.

Diagnosis of cervical postural syndrome

A thorough subjective and objective examination from a physiotherapist will diagnose cervical postural syndrome.

What are the symptoms/effects of cervical postural syndrome?

Symptoms are usually worse when poor posture is maintained for a long period of time and may include:
  • Dull ache
  • Burning pain in the neck , upper back or shoulders
  • Headaches

Physiotherapy for cervical postural syndrome

Physiotherapy treatment at Manchester Physio will relieve pain and stiffness and identify any factors at home or work that may be contributing to cervical postural syndrome.

An ergonomic work station assessment at Manchester Physio will benefit a person with cervical postural syndrome, who experiences symptoms when sitting at desk. Your physiotherapist at Manchester Physio will develop a treatment program which will include advice and exercise to improve flexibility, strength, activity tolerance and to ensure the neck is functioning correctly.

Physiotherapy treatment may also include:
  • Advice on how to achieve a good posture in lying, sitting and standing
  • Range of exercises to strengthen weak muscles and stretch stiff muscles
  • Soft tissue massage
  • Ultrasound
  • Core stability work
  • Ergonomic advice
Physiotherapy treatment at Manchester Physio will significantly improve your posture, ensure an optimal outcome and prevent recurrence.

For more information about physiotherapy for cervical postural syndrome, or to book an appointment please call 0161 883 0077.

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