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What is Rectus abdominis tendinopathy?

Rectus abdominis tendinopathy is damage to the tendon of the rectus abdominis muscle where it attaches to the pelvis bone just above the genitals.

What causes Rectus abdominis tendinopathy?

Rectus abdominis tendinopathy is caused by overuse of the rectus abdominis tendon during activities such as excessive sit ups. Repetitive use of the rectus abdominis tendon results in small microscopic tears in the tendon.

What are the symptoms/ effects of Rectus abdominis tendinopathy?

The main symptom of Rectus abdominis tendinopathy is pain which is usually felt just above the genitals where the muscle attaches to the pelvic bone. Pain is often aggravated by movement and activity such as a sit-up.

Diagnosis of Rectus abdominis tendinopathy

A doctor or physiotherapist will diagnose rectus abdominis tendinopathy following a detailed history along with a physical examination. If you have or suspect you have rectus abdominis tendinopathy, you should not ignore the problem as this can lead to your injury getting worse and prolonging your recovery.

Physiotherapy for Rectus abdominis tendinopathy

Physiotherapy treatment is important in the recovery of rectus abdominis tendinopathy.

Initially, your physiotherapist at Manchester Physio will diagnose the problem and its severity following a thorough assessment.

From this, your physiotherapist will be able to determine an appropriate treatment plan suited to you which may include:
  • Ice treatment to reduce pain and promote healing
  • Ultrasound to accelerate healing
  • Advice about activity modification to prevent further damage
  • Soft tissue massage,
  • Specific strengthening and range of movement exercises.
Your physiotherapist at Manchester Physio will also be able to assess and determine why you developed rectus abdominis tendinopathy and address this during your recovery to prevent a re-injury when you return to full activity.

At Manchester Physio, physiotherapy treatment will speed up your recovery by facilitating healing, reducing pain, and regaining strength and flexibility and will get you back to your sporting and everyday activities with confidence and success as soon as possible.

If you would like more information about physiotherapy for rectus abdominis tendinopathy, or to book an appointment please call 0161 883 0077.

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