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What is a fracture of the hook of hamate?

A fracture of the hook of hamate is a fracture of the hook shaped part of the hamate bone on the outside (little finger side) of the wrist.

What causes a fracture of the hook of hamate?

A fracture of the hook of hamate is commonly caused by sporting activity such as swinging a golf club, tennis racket or baseball bat or from a direct blow.

What are the symptoms/effects of a fracture of the hook of hamate?

Symptoms of a fracture of the hook of hamate may include:
  • Pain on palpation over the hook of the hamate
  • Diminished grip strength
  • Numbness in the fourth and fifth fingers

Diagnosis of a fracture of the hook of hamate

If you suspect you have fractured your hook of hamate a physiotherapist or doctor will confirm a diagnosis by examining your hand and taking a subjective history. An X-Ray may be required to see the extent of damage.

Your hand may then be immobilised in a cast for 4 weeks

Physiotherapy for a fracture of the hook of hamate

At Manchester Physio, our physiotherapists provide specialised hand therapy and sports specific rehabilitation following removal of the cast to regain range of movement, strength and function and return you to your pre-injury level of activity as quickly as possible.

Physiotherapy at Manchester Physio treatment may include:
  • Ultrasound to reduce swelling and promote healing
  • Soft tissue massage to release any stiffness and pain
  • Passive stretching to regain range of movement
  • Hand and Wrist exercises to improve range of movement, grip strength and dexterity and maximise ability with sporting and everyday activities
It is important to start physiotherapy treatment as soon as possible to make the best possible recovery and return to your hobbies and daily tasks safely and to the best of your ability.

For more information about physiotherapy for a fracture of the hook of hamate, or to book an appointment please call 0161 883 0077.

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