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The length of your first visit will depend on the type of your appointment. Musculoskeletal and sports injury assessments are up to an hour in length. Neurological and Paediatric assessments are up to an hour and a half in length.

At your first visit you will receive a full assessment, a diagnosis and a treatment plan will be outlined. You will be advised regarding your condition and how physiotherapy can help. Your physiotherapist will discuss the number and frequency of appointments that you require. The remainder of your session will be used for treatment. If you require further treatment you will usually be given things to work on before the next session.

Subjective Assessment

At your first visit you will be asked questions regarding your general health, medical history, social history and current problem. You will be asked about how the problem started and how your problem affects you. The most important thing that we need to know is what aims you have regarding your treatment.

Physical Assessment

Following the subjective assessment a physical assessment will take place. This assessment is designed to confirm the cause of your problem, what factors may be contributing to your problem and how physiotherapy can help you. The nature of this assessment will vary greatly dependent on your age and condition. Generally, your physiotherapist will assess your range of movement, joint stability, muscle length, muscle strength, co-ordination, balance stability and other special tests dependent on your condition.

Diagnosis & Explanation

Your condition/problem will be diagnosed and the physiotherapist will explain why you are experiencing the problems that you are. Often our physiotherapists will use models of the joints and muscles involved during the explanation so that we leave you with a confident about your diagnosis and how physiotherapy can help you. A firm understanding your condition is vital to benefiting maximally from physiotherapy. This is a very important aspect of the first session so ask as many questions as you like, we like questions!

Treatment Options & Treatment

Following your subjective assessment, physical assessment and diagnosis your physiotherapist will explain what treatment options are available to you. Your physiotherapist will be able to discuss the length of time they expect that you will benefit from treatment for and the frequency of treatment sessions they recommend within that time.

Manchester Physio strongly believe in empowering patients to assist in their own recovery. Advice, education and exercise programmes to complete between sessions are all provided wherever and whenever appropriate.

Your first visit will usually be concluded with some physiotherapy treatment. This treatment will be specific to your condition or injury. The initial assessment and advice / education are never sacrificed in order to provide treatment. Therefore, the amount of treatment given at the initial visit often depends on the complexity of your problem. If appropriate, you will always be provided with something to work on until your first treatment session.

Follow Up

If you require treatment sessions we will book them at your convenience... Our aim is your quick recovery, and as little disruption as possible to your life.

To arrange an appointment book online, call now on 0161 883 0077 or email:

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