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What is an adductor strain?

An adductor strain is tearing of some or all of the adductor muscle group in the groin. An adductor strain can range from a small partial tear to a complete rupture and can have a significant impact of sporting activities and everyday function.

What causes an adductor strain?

An adductor strain is commonly caused by sudden contraction of the adductor muscles which can occur during rapid acceleration whilst running, changing direction or kicking. An adductor strain commonly affects footballers, athletes and gymnasts.

What are the symptoms/effects of an adductor strain?

The main symptom of an adductor strain is sharp pain or pulling sensation in the inner thigh or groin.

People with an adductor strain may also have difficulty walking, swelling, muscle spasm, weakness, stiffness and bruising on inner aspect of the thigh and groin.

Diagnosis of an adductor strain

A physical assessment by a doctor or physiotherapist will confirm a diagnosis of an adductor strain.

Physiotherapy for an adductor strain

People with a groin strain will benefit from physiotherapy treatment.

Physiotherapy treatment will identify the extent of your injury and develop a treatment plan to reduce pain and swelling, regain range of movement and muscle strength and gradually get you back to your hobbies and daily tasks.

Physiotherapy treatment should be commenced as soon as possible following your injury to ensure a speedy recovery.

At Manchester Physio physiotherapy treatment may include:
  • Ice therapy in the initially stages to reduce pain and swelling
  • Ultrasound to accelerate healing
  • Advice on how to modify activities while you are still recovering
  • Gentle active range of movement exercises and passive stretching to prevent stiffness
  • Soft tissue massage to reduce pain and tension
  • A progressive flexibility and strengthening program to once pain has settled to recondition the groin muscle and reduce the likelihood of re- injury.
  • Core stability and balance work
  • Gradual return to sports which may include a running program

Physiotherapy treatment at Manchester Physio will facilitate healing and ensure you return to sport or everyday activities safely and effectively.

For more information on how physiotherapy can help you or to book an appointment please call 0161 883 0077.

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