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Children may undergo surgery for various reasons and many children require a period of rehabilitation post-surgery to assist return to previous levels of function and activities. Children may experience pain, swelling, muscle weakness, reduced exercise tolerance, reduced mobility and reduced confidence post surgery, problems which are usually treatable with physiotherapy.

How can physiotherapy help after surgery?

Our specialist paediatric physiotherapists will carry out a thorough assessment of a child's problems following surgery and establish an individual treatment programme which may include:
  • Advice regarding pain relieving techniques
  • Techniques to reduce swelling e.g. ice
  • Exercises to improve range of movement and muscle strength
  • Gait re-education to improve mobility and independence
  • Exercises to improve balance and coordination
  • Exercises to improve exercise tolerance and overall fitness
  • Advice regarding return to previous activities and hobbies
  • Advice to parents on handling and caring for their child post-surgery
  • Hydrotherapy to improve weight-bearing, mobility, balance, range of movement and strength and reduce pain
In some cases physiotherapy may be useful pre-surgery in order to maximise a child's fitness levels and muscle strength which may help the recovery process.

Functional rehabilitation exercises through play supervised by a specilaist paediatric physiotherapistAbove: Functional rehabilitation exercises through play supervised by a specilaist paediatric physiotherapist

Why Manchester Physio?

  • No waiting lists for assessment
  • One on one treatment for your child
  • Dedicated, patient centred approach
  • Specialist physiotherapists
  • Motivated, caring staff
  • Proven track record
  • Hydrotherapy available

Mobility, balance and stretching exercises assisted by paediatric physiotherapistAbove: Mobility, balance and stretching exercises assisted by paediatric physiotherapist

Rehabilitation following surgery is central in the recovery process for your child. Our team of specialist physiotherapists can provide assessment and treatment for your child to assist them to reach their maximum potential during the recovery process and beyond.

Manchester Physio can provide treatment for children post-surgery across Greater Manchester and Cheshire. We can provide assessment and treatment at our clinic, a child's school or at your home for your convenience.

See our testimonials to read about the experiences of current and past patients.

To find out more please contact us or arrange a free phone consultation.

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