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What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a condition leading to curvature of the spine. In children it is rare for scoliosis to develop before the age of ten. In the majority of cases the cause is unknown (known as idiopathic scoliosis), however there may be other causes which can be classified into:
  • Non-structural (functional) scoliosis: cases where the spine is structurally normal yet appears curved. Curvature may be a result of muscle spasm or altered leg length.

  • Structural scoliosis: a fixed curve which may be caused by neuromuscular diseases (such as cerebral palsy), birth defects, infection, metabolic diseases or connective diseases.

Postural realignment by an experienced paediatric physiotherapistAbove: Postural realignment by an experienced paediatric physiotherapist

How is scoliosis diagnosed and treated?

Diagnosis of scoliosis is usually confirmed by a GP or specialist. X-rays or scans may be used to investigate the degree of curvature and to closely monitor the curve. Mild cases may not require treatment, however more severe cases may require bracing or even surgery to correct the deformity, particularly if the curve is restricting a child's breathing capacity.

How can physiotherapy help scoliosis?

Physiotherapy is helpful in the treatment of scoliosis, especially in non-structural cases where the cause may be rectified. Our specialist paediatric physiotherapists can help in the following ways:
  • Assess and treat areas of muscle imbalance by providing appropriate exercises to stretch tight muscles and strengthen weak areas
  • Provide advice on posture and appropriate seating at home or school
  • Advise on appropriate positioning
  • Provide advice on pain prevention and management techniques
  • Advise on appropriate breathing exercises to maintain lung function
  • Provide a home exercise programme for maintenance of the condition
  • Providing advice to parents and carers on handling children with severe cases of scoliosis
  • Referral to an orthotist for consideration of bracing or lycra splinting if appropriate.

Sretches and realignment exercises for the backAbove: Sretches and realignment exercises for the back

Why Manchester Physio?

  • No waiting lists
  • One on one treatment
  • Specialist splinting available
  • Dedicated, patient centred approach
  • Specialist physiotherapists
  • Motivated, caring staff
  • Proven track record
We understand the problems associated with scoliosis can be distressing for both the child and parents. Our team of specialist paediatric physiotherapists can provide assessment and treatment for your child in order to maximise their potential, function and independence.

Manchester Physio can provide treatment of children or adolescents with scoliosis across Greater Manchester and Cheshire. We can provide assessment and treatment at our clinics or at your home for your convenience.

See our testimonials to read about the experiences of current and past patients.

To find out more please contact us or arrange a free phone consultation.

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