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Massage is an effective and beneficial treatment to decrease tension. Muscle tension is caused by muscles contracting at a relaxed state.

Muscle tension helps to maintain posture and everyday movements. An increase of muscles tension can cause stiffness, pain and restrict movement. High muscle tension is called hypertonia. Hypertonia can make the muscles rigid and stiff. Hypertonia can build up from stress or physical overuse. Massage can be an effective treatment to relieve muscle tension symptoms and improve recovery. Massage therapists at Manchester Physio provide a wide range of massage therapy services to decrease tension.

Soft tissue massage of bicep femoris muscleAbove: Soft tissue massage of bicep femoris muscle

When can massage be used to decrease tension?

Massage to decrease tension can be used: Massage is an effective treatment used to decrease tension after a sporting event or exercise. Exercise can build up stress in the muscles and lead hypertonia. Hypertonia can lead to muscle spasm, stiffness and pain. When muscles build up stress and tension it can reduce the blood flow to the soft tissues and restrict movement. Massage helps to relieve the symptoms of increased tension by allowing the muscles to heal and restore movement.

Upper neck massage to decrease tension in Manchester clinic

Massage can be used pre event to relieve existing muscle tension before athletic performance. Hypertonia in the muscles is more prone to injury as flexibility is reduced. Tension can be relieved so that muscles are more flexible and reduce the risk of injury.

Massage can also be used to relieve tension for chronic pain. When pain is felt in a certain area, muscles tighten around the area to protect it. Tight muscles increase tension due to injury or psychological stress. Tense muscles can restrict movement and reduce blood circulation. Massage helps to increase temperature of the soft tissues and promote muscle relaxation.

Massage is used post injury to reduce tension. Stiffness to soft tissues can be the result of lack of movement during injury and tension build up to muscles surrounding affected areas. Massage helps to reduce pain and increase relaxation around an injury. Massage can also increase recovery time by increasing the healing process of damaged soft tissues.

Soft Tissue Massage targeting trapezius back musclesAbove: Soft Tissue Massage targeting trapezius back muscles

How does massage help decrease tension?

Massage helps decrease tension in many ways. Massage decreases tension by increasing temperature of the soft tissue, reducing pain, increasing psychological relaxation and increasing tissue elasticity.

Massage is an effective treatment to decrease tension by increasing temperature of the soft tissues. Massage applies friction to the surface of the skin which increases temperature. Increased temperature promotes relaxation in the muscles and decreases tone.

Massage helps to decrease tension by reducing pain. Tension around an area of pain can produce high levels of tension to the muscles and soft tissues. Massage can be used to reduce pain by removing waste products, interrupting pain signal and increasing hormones.

Massage also helps to increase psychological relaxation. Massage helps to trigger the body's relaxation response. The light pressure of massage stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system works to regulate the body back to a relaxed state after emotions such as stress or anxiety. Massage produces a feeling of calmness and a sense of well-being. Psychological relaxation allows muscle tone to decrease and reduce tension.

Massage helps to relieve tension by stretching and increasing tissue elasticity. High levels of tension in the muscles shorten the muscle fibers and can restrict movement. Massage can help to increase temperature of the soft tissue so muscles fibers can be loosened. Loose muscle fibers can then be stretched and elongated so increase elasticity.

What are the benefits of receiving a massage to decrease tension?

Massage to decrease tension has many benefits. The benefits of massage to decrease tension include: Massage has many benefits to decreasing tension. The benefits of decreasing tension are muscle relaxation, increased range of movement and improved recovery. Muscle tension is the result of muscles remaining contracted at relaxation. Muscles tension can also be cause by a buildup of stress which can lead to pain. Stress and tension within the muscles reduce the blood flow to the soft tissues. Reduced blood flow also causes a decrease in oxygen and a buildup of waste products, resulting in muscle tension, spasm or pain.

One benefit to decreasing tension is promoting muscle relaxation. Massage stimulates the increase of blood to an affected area, increasing oxygen and nutrients. The increase in blood warms the temperature of the muscles allowing them to relax and tension to be relieved.

Massage also helps increase range of movement once tension is reduced. When muscles are relaxed, muscle fibers are loosened. An increase of movement in the muscle fibers allows more flexibility and range of movement around a joint.

When tension is decreased recovery time can be reduced. Massage can be an essential part of the recovery routine. Massage helps decrease tension, restore movement and allow people to train more effectively.

Achilles tendon and calf stretchAbove: Achilles tendon and calf stretch


Muscle tension can cause stiffness, pain and fatigue. Massage is able to help relieve symptoms of muscle tension and improve recovery. Massage uses a wide range of techniques to treat areas of tension. Massage increases blood, oxygen and nutrients to the muscles to relieve tension and increase healing. Massage also works to stretch and loosen muscles fibers allowing more movement and increasing flexibility.Massage therapists at Manchester Physio provide a wide range of massage therapy services to decrease tension.

How can I arrange a massage to decrease tension?

To arrange a massage to decrease tension at Manchester Physio, email us at or call 0161 883 0077.

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