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Pre event massage is undertaken before a workout, competition or sporting performance. The aim of pre event massage is to increase blood circulation, flexibility and mentally prepare people for activity and enhance performance.

Pre event massage is a short and specific massage treatment. Pre event massage stretches and loosens muscles at a vast pace in preparation for activity and optimum performance. Massage aims to raise the body temperature and increase cardiovascular activity. Blood circulation is increased to the muscles reducing tension and allowing them to relax. An athlete can also use pre event massage for psychological benefits. Emotions related to sports participation can be anxiety, stress and fatigue. Pre event massage helps to relax an athlete and mentally prepare them for performance. Massage therapists at Manchester Physio provide massage therapy services pre event to treat a range of conditions.

Pre event massage of trapezius and rhomboid musclesAbove: Pre event massage of trapezius and rhomboid muscles

What types of massage are mainly used pre event?

At Manchester Physio our massage therapists use a variety of techniques for a pre event massage. Common techniques used pre event include: Pre event massage techniques are performed at an up-tempo pace to stimulate the muscles in an a lot shorter time. Performing massage techniques a lot quicker can also help psych up an athlete before competition. Myofascial release can help to stretch out and loosen large areas of muscles. Stretching and loosening muscles assist the increase of joint mobility.

Effleurage is massage technique used prior to an event. Effleurage promotes venous return and lymphatic return by applying upward strokes towards the heart. Effleurage can identify and particular tight or tense areas and identifies any area of pain. Kneading and petrissage is used to increase the mobility of tissues and stretch the length of muscles. All massage techniques are specific to the purpose of pre event massage, to prepare muscles and joints for activity and extremes of exertion.

What are the benefits of pre event massage?

Pre event massage has many benefits. The benefits of massage pre event include: Receiving a massage pre event has many benefits. The benefits of receiving a massage pre event is relaxation, improved range of movement, increased flexibility, maximised performance and reduced chance of injury.

Pre event treatment on lower leg in Manchester clinic

Pre event massage helps the body relax before exercise or performance. Relaxation pre event can be beneficial to decreasing stress and anxiety. Massage relaxes the body by increasing temperature of the soft tissues in the body and releasing hormones. Massage stimulates a ?relaxation response? in the body. Relaxing the body promotes muscles to relax and can enhance performance. The beneficial effect of muscles relaxing also contributes to joint mobility. Muscles are relaxed to allow joints to move in full range of motion.

Pre event massage is an effective treatment to increase muscle flexibility. Massage helps increase flexibility by increasing temperature, increasing tissue elasticity, removing waste products and breaking down scar tissue. An increase of range of movement before exercise enables all muscles to move into their greatest length of flexibility and reduce risk of injury.

Massage before exercise can help maximise performance. Massage can be used specifically for athletes. Pre event massage can play an important role in an athlete's training and preparation for a competition or sports event. Pre event massage can contribute to maximising an athlete's performance. Pre event massage increases blood circulation to the muscles, allowing waste products to be flushed and more oxygen and nutrients to be delivered. Blood increase produces a state of readiness for exertion in the muscles and tissues. Pre event massage is also used to reduce tension, relax the muscles and prevent tightness from occurring. Pre event massage enables an athlete to focus on an event by relaxing or vigorously preparing them for competition.

Pre event massage is effective to be used regularly before exercise to reduce the chance of injury. Pre event massage helps to prevent the chance of injury by increasing blood circulation, increasing temperature and increasing tissue elasticity. Pre event massage can help prepare the muscles and soft tissues for exercise. The more prepared the muscles are for exercise the less chance injury will occur.

Deep tissue massage of rectus femoris and soleus in pre event massageAbove: Deep tissue massage of rectus femoris and soleus in pre event massage

How does pre event massage help?

Pre event massage can help in many ways. Pre event massage can help by increasing temperature, increasing blood circulation, removing waste products and increasing tissue elasticity.

Pre event massage helps by increasing temperature of the soft tissues. The friction of touch against the skin increase temperature. An increase of temperature pre event is important to warm up the muscles and prepare them for activity. Warming up soft tissues can help prevent injury or damage to the muscle tissues.

Massage performed before exercise also helps by increasing blood circulation in the muscles. Massage stimulates capilliarisation and vasodilation to happen in the blood. Capilliarisation and vasodilation is the increase of number and size of blood cells. By increasing blood circulation to the muscles allows more cellular exchange. Cellular exchange is the transportation of oxygen and nutrients into the muscles and removing waste products out.

Pre event massage is used to flush out waste products and toxins from the muscles. The application of strokes in a massage treatment stimulates the lymphatic flow in the body. The lymphatic system is responsible for flushing waste products and toxins out of the body. If waste products and toxins are in the body it can slow down the healing process and prevent recovery.

Massage helps to increase flexibility before by increasing tissue elasticity. Increasing tissue elasticity is important to preventing injuries from occurring and maximising performance. Massage increases temperature of the muscle allowing muscle fibres to loosen. Massage helps to stretch out muscle fibres and increase flexibility. Massage performed before exercise is also aimed to increase joint mobility. Massage can stimulate the body's natural lubricants within the joints to restore and increase range of movement. An increase of range of movement before exercise enables all muscles to move into their greatest length of flexibility and reduce risk of injury.


Pre event massage assists in warming up an athlete's body. Prevent massage is performed before training or competition to prepare an athlete's body psychically and mentally. A wide range of pre event massage techniques are used to stimulate the muscles for exercise. Pre event massage increases the blood supply to the muscles, increases joint mobility and leaves an athlete mentally prepared for performance. Massage therapists at Manchester Physio provide massage therapy services pre event to treat a range of conditions.

How can I arrange a pre event massage?

To arrange a pre event massage at Manchester Physio, email us at or call 0161 883 0077.

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