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Petrissage is an effective massage technique in which deep pressure is applied to tissue and underlying muscle.

Petrissage is used to free up movement of tissues and muscle by treating muscle knots or spasms. The petrissage massage technique uses a squeezing technique in which can alleviate muscle spasm. Petrissage can improve blood circulation, break up adhesions and relax the muscles. Massage therapists at Manchester Physio can use petrissage as an effective treatment for a range of conditions

Petrissage massage techniqueAbove: Petrissage massage technique

What is petrissage?

Petrissage massage technique can include stretching, kneading and squeezing soft tissues and underlying muscles. Petrissage lifts tissues away from structures to relieve tension and stretches and loosens muscles fibres. Petrissage is also stimulates the skin including vascular and lymphatic responses. The lymphatic response allows the drainage of toxins and eliminates waste products in the body. The petrissage technique in which is applied with pressure helps break down adhesions. Adhesions are areas of thick connective tissue which develop after a muscular injury or surgery. Adhesions can pull on other areas, compress nerves and restrict movement causing pain.

Petrissage massage technique on lower back in Manchester clinic

What is petrissage used for?

Petrissage is an effective massage technique used to:
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Stretch and loosen muscle fibres
  • Increase range of movement
Petrissage is used to improve blood circulation, increase recovery, stretch and loosen muscle fibres and increase range of movement.

Petrissage is used to increase blood circulation. Increase blood circulation increases temperature of the muscles allowing them to relax. The petrissage massage techniques pick up and squeeze muscles stimulating capilliarisation and vasodilation in the blood flow. Capilliarisation and vasodiliation is the increase of number and size of blood cells.

Petrissage is also used to stretch and loosen muscle fibers. Petrissage uses kneading and squeezing tissue and muscles to relieve tension. Squeezing a muscle can decrease muscle spasms and relieve pain.

Petrissage is used to increase range of movement. When muscle fibres are stretched, the fibres are able to move apart slightly releasing tightness and improving flexibility.

What are the benefits of petrissage?

Petrissage has many benefits. The benefits of petrissage include: Petrissage has many benefits. The benefits of petrissage are decreased tension, reduced DOMS and improved recovery.

A benefit of petrissage is decreased tension. Petrissage uses various techniques and strokes to increase circulation and promote relaxation. Petrissage allows muscle fibers to move move freely and tension to be released.

Petrissage is benefical to reduce delayed muscle onset soreness post exercise. Petrissage techniques increase fresh blood to the muscles reducing pain and stiffness. Reducing DOMS can be beneficial during a training programme in order to continue training and maintain healthy muscles.

Petrissage also benefits the recovery process. Blood is increased to an area widens and increases the number of blood cells promoting the body's self- healing process. Petrissage improves recovery by stimulating the vascular and lymphatic response to an affected area. The lymphatic response enables the drainage of toxins and waste products in the body and aiding the immune system.

Petrissage massage techniqueAbove: Petrissage massage technique

How does petrissage help?

Petrissage helps by increasing blood circulation, increasing tissue elasticity and removing waste products from the muscles.

Petrissage helps by increase fresh blood to the muscles and soft tissues. When petrissage massage is performed it stimulates the skin surface and encourages a vascular and lymphatic response. The vascular response allows the blood cells to widen and multiple to aid the body's healing process.

Petrissage also helps by increasing tissue elasticity. Petrissage is able to lift up tissues away from others relieving tension. Petrissage also uses kneading and squeezing into deeper muscle to stretch and loosen muscle fibres. When muscle fibres are stretched it increases the movement and flexibility.

Petrissage helps by removing waste products and help maintain healthy muscles. Kneading and squeezing techniques of petrissage stimulates the removal of waste products and toxins out of the muscles. Petrissage stimulates the lymphatic system. The Lymphatic response flushes away toxins in the body which can be built up from exercise, poor diet and lifestyle.


Petrissage is an effective technique in which pressure is applied to tissues and muscles. Petrissage uses stretching, kneading and squeezing techniques to improve blood circulation, relieve knots and muscle spasms and improve muscular function. A petrissage massage can be beneficial to treat delayed onset muscle soreness, to relieve tension and improve recovery. Massage therapists at Manchester Physio can use petrissage as an effective treatment for a range of conditions.

How can I arrange an appointment for petrissage?

To arrange a petrissage treatment at Manchester Physio, e-mail us at or call 0161 883 0077.

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