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Massage can provide relief for people who suffer from chronic pain either due to injury or a long term illness. Massage aims to interrupt the cycle of pain.

The pain cycle is a vicious spiral of physical contributions that activate when the body feels pain. When pain is felt in a certain area, muscles tighten around the area to protect it. Tight muscles can restrict movement and reduce blood circulation in the muscles. As normal movement is avoided pain is increased due to its restriction. Restricted movement then causes poor biomechanics and contributes to more pain.

Chronic pain back treatment in manchester clinic

Massage for chronic pain helps to break down the cycle of pain. Massage improves the blood circulation, reduces tight muscles and corrects biomechanics. Massage therapists at Manchester Physio provide massage therapy services for chronic pain to treat a range of conditions.

What types of massage are mainly used for chronic pain?

At Manchester Physio our massage therapists use a variety of techniques for chronic pain. Common techniques used for chronic pain include: There are many different types of massage techniques that can help relieve chronic pain. Deep massage including acupressure, trigger pointing, kneading, myofascial release and rolling can help release deep muscle knots, scar tissue and muscle spasms that cause chronic pain. Deep massage techniques apply deep pressure to underlying muscles and connective tissue to relieve sources of chronic pain. Trigger pointing involves the application of deep pressure to specific areas of pain. Trigger pointing enables pain to diminish by deliberately causing a blockage of blood flow to an area so that upon release, there will be an inflammatory response and a resurgence of blood flow allowing the healing process to begin.

Massage of planta fascia to reduce chronic painAbove: Massage of planta fascia to reduce chronic pain

What are the benefits of massage for chronic pain?

Massage for chronic pain has many benefits. The benefits of massage for chronic pain include: Using massage to relieve chronic pain can have a wide range of beneficial effects. The benefits of receiving a massage for chronic pain is decreased pain, decreased tension, improve range of movement, increased muscle flexibility and improved recovery.

The benefit of receiving a massage for chronic pain is decreasing the symptoms of pain. Massage helps to relieve pain by increasing blood circulation, interrupting the pain cycle and releasing endorphins.

Massage helps to decrease tension in the muscles. Muscles often tighten up around painful areas to protect them. Tight muscles can put pressure on nerves, causing numbness, tingling and pain. Massage increases the blood flow, relaxing the muscles therefore decreasing tension. Once tension is decreased pain is reduced.

Massage also helps to increase range of movement. When muscles get tight, connective tissues can form in areas with poor circulation. Connective tissues can become stuck to muscle fibers and interfere with normal movement. Massage can use a variety of techniques to stretch and loosen muscles and connective tissues. Massage stretches tight muscles, releasing trigger points and restoring the body's ability to move more easily.

Receiving a massage for chronic pain can also help improve recovery. Massage helps reduce pain and assists the body's self-healing process. Injury that causes pain can be reduced by healing damaged tissues and decreasing inflammation. Massage helps to speed up the recovery process and improve healing quicker.

How does massage for chronic pain help?

Massage helps to relieve chronic pain by breaking down the pain cycle and releasing endorphins.

Massage helps by interrupting the cycle of pain. The feeling of pain is produced by stimuli that are potentially damaging tissues. Pain signals are sent to the central nervous system which is then carried into the brain. Often pain pathways increase in sensitivity when messages are being relayed. Hyper sensitive messages produce an increase in the feeling of pain compared to the actually damage which has occurred. Massage works by interfering with pain pathways by sending other messages to the brain. Pain signals do not reach the brain and so the feeling of pain is reduced. Also when pain is detected localised muscle guarding occurs surrounding the affected area. Muscles are decreased in blood circulation which restricts oxygen to the tissues causing inflammation. At this point muscle tension intensifies and repeats the cycle of pain. Massage helps by increasing blood flow, loosening muscles and restoring mobility.

Massage also helps treat chronic pain by increasing the release of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are a hormone- like substance that is produced in the brain and functions as the body's natural painkiller. Massage can stimulate the release of endorphins, producing feelings of euphoria and a sense of well-being. The endorphin produced can work so powerful that they manage to mask pain. Anxiety and stress related to chronic pain can also be relieved through massage. Massage aims to relax the body and muscles, increasing blood and lymph flow and improving general mood.

Massage of cervical spine and trapezius muscles to reduce chonic pain symptomsAbove: Massage of cervical spine and trapezius muscles to reduce chonic pain symptoms


Massage can be used to treat chronic pain due to a serious injury or illness. Massage uses a range of techniques to relieve muscular tension and decrease pain. Massage can also increase blood flow to an affected area, loosen tight muscles and restoring range of movement. Massage stimulates the body's natural pain killer, masking pain, improving mood and reducing anxiety and stress. Massage therapists at Manchester Physio provide massage therapy services for chronic pain to treat a range of conditions.

How can I arrange a massage for chronic pain?

To arrange a massage for chronic pain at Manchester Physio, email us at or call 0161 883 0077.

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