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Massage can play an important role as a part of rehabilitation for injury. Massage can treat a range of injuries in the rehabilitation stages such as, sprains, strains, muscle spasms and broken bones.

Massage stretches tight tissue and can break down adhesions; massage can help drain swelling from joints allowing for a quicker healing. Massage therapists at Manchester Physio provide massage therapy services to treat a range of conditions post injury.

What types of massage are mainly used for post injury?

At Manchester Physio our massage therapists use a variety of massage techniques for post injury. Common techniques used for post injury include: Massage techniques used will depend on the type of injury that needs treating. A range of massage techniques are used to stretch tight tissues, break down adhesions and help drain swelling.

Post injury massage of extensor capri ulnaris and digitorum to aid recovery.
Above: Post injury massage of extensor capri ulnaris and digitorum to aid recovery.

Lymphatic drainage is an effective massage technique that can stimulate the lymphatic flow in the body, refreshing the immune system and drain out toxins. Lymphatic drainage is effective for post injury to help drain swelling, remove waste products and stimulate the immune system to fight an affected area. Myofascial release is used as a treatment and a rehabilitation technique for soft tissues and release fascia tension. Myofasical release can be used across large areas of the body to stretch tight muscles and help restore flexibility.

What are the benefits for post injury massage?

Post injury massage has many benefits. The benefits of massage post injury include: Massage treatment post injury is highly effective and has many benefits. The benefits of a massage after injury are decreased pain, improved range of movement and improved recovery.

Post injury recovery massage treatment on shoulder in manchester clinic

Massage helps by decreasing pain. Massage has a pain relieving effect by desensitising an area of pain and restoring normal sensation. Massage can change the way the brain senses pain. Repetitive movement across an area of pain can interrupt signals from the brain and distract the feeling of pain.

Massage can also help my restoring range of movement. After injury adhesions or scar tissue is formed within muscles or connective tissues. Stiffness is a common symptom around an area when recovering from injury. Stiffness to soft tissues can be the result of lack of movement during injury and tension build up to muscles surrounding affected areas. Adhesions restrict movement and can cause pain to specific areas. Massage breaks down adhesions allowing an increase of flexibility.

Massage is an effective treatment used post injury to speed up the recovery. Massage increases blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to promote healing to tissues and helps relieve stiffness. Massage helps improve recovery after injury by increasing circulation to an affected area and stimulating the lymphatic system in the body. The lymphatic system work to drain out waste products and toxins out the body. The increase of blood to an area helps increase more oxygen and nutrients to assist in its healing process.

Post injury massage of rectus femoris muscle to aid recoveryAbove: Post injury massage of rectus femoris muscle to aid recovery

How does post injury massage help?

Massage therapy plays important role to the healing and rehabilitation of soft tissues (muscles, tendons and ligaments) after injury. Massage helps by after injury by speeding up the healing of damaged tissues, decreases tension and breaks down scar tissue.

Massage helps recovery after injury by stimulating the healing process.

Massage encourages circulatory movement and helps more oxygen and nutrients transport into tissues. This allows injured areas to become more flexible and heal at an accelerated rate. The body's initial reaction to an injury is an inflammatory response. The inflammatory response works to defend an affected area against harmful substances, removes dying tissues and promotes tissue repair. Massage can help flush out swelling aiding quicker healing. Massage stimulates the blood circulation increasing white blood cells to an affected area. White blood cells can fight an injured area and assist the healing process to quicken the recovery time.

Massage is an effective treatment used post injury to reduce muscular tension. When injury occurs muscle tighten around an area in protection. Tight muscles produce an increase of muscle tone and increased tension. Massage helps by increasing temperature and promoting muscles to relax.

Massage also helps post injury by breaking down scar tissue. Scar tissue restricts range of movement which can occur post injury due to the healing process of soft tissues. Soft tissue can become tight and inflexible causing lack of movement and pain. Massage applies direct pressure to an area which increases temperature and improves blood flow. When muscles increase in temperature it allows them to relax and reduce tension. Massage also stretches and loosens tight tissues allowing movement to be restored and pain to be reduced.


Massage can play an important role in the rehabilitation phase after injury. Massage can help treat the healing of the body's soft tissues and help facilitate movement recovery. Massage improves blood circulation, oxygen and nutrients to affected areas to become more flexible and to heal at a faster rate. Massage aids pain relief and allows injuries to be rehabilitated back to normal state. Massage therapists at Manchester Physio provide massage therapy services to treat a range of conditions post injury.

How can I arrange a massage post injury?

To arrange a post injury massage at Manchester Physio, e-mail us at or call 0161 883 0077.

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