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There are many benefits you can gain from Pilates. The exercises aim to strengthen and condition your body as a whole. One of the greatest benefits of Pilates is that it is suitable for almost any individual of any age, from those with sedentary lifestyles to those with complex neurological conditions to elite sporting athletes.

Pilates exercises focus on core strength and integrate different areas of the body to bring many holistic benefits to:

General Fitness and Sporting Performance

Pilates is beneficial for a wide range of the population for improving general fitness and as an important addition to aerobic exercise for sports people. The beauty of Pilates is that you don't have to be fit to participate, and on the other hand you can be extremely fit and still benefit from strengthening the deep core muscles. Pilates is known to compliment cardiovascular exercise. A strong core increases power production in any sport, improving technique and overall sporting performance.

Benefits for general fitness and sporting performance include:
  • Improving posture and spinal alignment
  • Enhancing flexibility and mobility of the spine
  • Delivering muscle tone and improving strength
  • Increasing support and stability of the core, pelvis and shoulders
  • Complementing training for various sports
  • Increased speed and agility during sport
  • Injury prevention

To improve your general fitness or sporting performance book onto a Pilates class or arrange a one to one Pilates session today by calling Manchester Physio on 0161 883 0077.

Pilates based exercises host a number of benefit and can help with injury prevention.Above: Pilates based exercises host a number of benefit and can help with injury prevention.

Musculoskeletal and Health Problems

There are various musculoskeletal conditions (affecting the joints and muscles) and health problems which can benefit from Pilates rehabilitation. Pilates can be used as a form of treatment for those with various health complaints to maintain and improve movement and core stability. Pilates is also used for eliminating musculoskeletal aches and pains, and preventing musculoskeletal injury from occurring in the first place.

Benefits for musculoskeletal and health problems include:
  • Increased stability around joints
  • Reduced muscle tension, improved muscle tone
  • Aiding the health of joints and increasing range of motion
  • Improving and restoring balance and coordination skills
  • Facilitating lung function, breathing control and circulation

To arrange a one to one Pilates session or book onto a Pilates class call Manchester Physio on 0161 883 0077 or e-mail us:


Manchester Physio hold special Pilates classes for pre and post natal women led by specialist physiotherapists. Pilates is an ideal form of exercise before, during and after pregnancy to adapt to your changing body.

Other benefits of Pilates for pre and post natal women include:
  • Improved posture
  • Retrained deep abdominal muscles
  • Reduced low back pain
  • Continued exercising during and after pregnancy
  • Improved relaxation skills
  • Reduced risk of incontinence
  • Possible prevention of sciatic nerve pain

To book onto our Pre or Post Natal Pilates Class or if you would like a one to one Pilates session, call Manchester Physio on 0161 883 0077 or e-mail

Overall Wellbeing

Whatever your reason for starting Pilates, the holistic approach will allow you to experience a feeling of maximised wellbeing through integration of mind, body and spirit. Your wellbeing is your state of health and happiness. You will learn how to combine the six principles of Pilates for a greater feeling of wellbeing.
Benefits for your overall wellbeing include:
  • Relaxation through breathing and movement control
  • Release of stress and muscle tension
  • An increase in energy levels
  • Promotion of body awareness and posture
  • An improved quality of life and mood

To gain maximum benefit Pilates must become a regular integration into your lifestyle and routine. Pilates is a very detailed exercise programme and your physiotherapist will teach you how to do each exercise correctly and safely. To book call Manchester Physio on 0161 883 0077.

Manchester Physio Pilates Classes

We offer Pilates classes throughout the North West. Find out more about our Pilates class locations here. We offer free taster classes (1 per person, subject to availability).

To book call Manchester Physio e-mail or call 0161 883 0077.

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