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Here is a list of questions Manchester Physio are frequently asked regarding:


Beginners and Intermediate - Advanced Pilates Classes

Pre and Post Natal Pilates Classes



Shall I bring any previous investigations such as medical notes or X-rays regarding my existing health condition?
If you have a complex musculoskeletal condition which has required previous investigations, treatment or surgery, it would be beneficial for your physiotherapist to see any copies of medical notes or scans. However they are not essential, as the same principles of Pilates will still be performed within your limits. Pilates exercises can be adapted to suit you and your needs.

I have a complex neurological condition and my mobility is limited, would a one to one Pilates session be the best option?
This depends on your individual needs. If you have a complex neurological condition you should have an individual initial assessment. From this our physiotherapist can advise you on your suitability for the class. We have wheelchair access at the clinic if required, or initial assessments can be carried out as a home visit.

How soon after a sporting injury or surgical procedure can I begin Pilates as part of my rehabilitation?
This depends on your specific injury or surgical procedure. If you are seeing a medical professional you should follow their advice regarding rehabilitation. As soon as the pain and swelling has significantly decreased, low impact Pilates can begin.

I do not compete in any sports or have a health complaint, can Pilates still benefit me?
Yes, Pilates can benefit anyone not just those who compete in sports or as a rehabilitation technique following a health complaint. It can also be beneficial for your general health and overall wellbeing, as well as preventing injury from occurring in the first place by increasing muscle strength and joint stability.

Will I have to continue Pilates at home in between one to one sessions or classes?
Continuing Pilates at home is up to you, the more you do the better. Evidence shows that you will begin to notice benefits from Pilates after 8 hours. This may be within the sessions or with practice at home worth of practice.

How long will it take for me to notice benefits of Pilates?
Some benefits of Pilates are immediate, such as reduction in stress and muscle tension, and some benefits take more time and effort. Timescale depends on the frequency and duration of which you perform Pilates and the quality of each exercise, ensuring all six principles are combined. Evidence suggests that after 8 hours of Pilates you will begin to see the benefits.

Are there any reasons why I should not attend Pilates?
If you are currently medically unwell you should check with a doctor before participating in Pilates. If you are experiencing severe pain/ swelling, have severely restricted mobility or have just had surgery you should not take part. Also if you are newly pregnant (less than 8 weeks if you regularly attend, less than 16 weeks if you are new to Pilates) or if you have just given birth ( less than 6 weeks post normal delivery, less than 8 weeks post caesarean). Beginners and Intermediate - Advanced Pilates Classes

When are Pilates classes held and where?
We offer Pilates classes throughout the North West. Find out more about our Pilates class locations here. We offer free taster classes (1 per person, subject to availability).

My daughter wants to come to Pilates classes with me and she is 10 years old, can all ages attend?
Yes, all ages are appropriate for Pilates as long as they can follow instruction and you think they would benefit from the classes.

What shall I wear to the Pilates classes?
Please wear comfortable clothing, suitable for moving your body into different positions easily.

I have a gym mat at home; shall I bring it with me?
No, we provide all equipment for you - mats, weights, gym balls and magic circles.

Can I speak to an instructor before I attend a Pilates class?
Yes, if further information would be important for you before you book onto a class you can speak to one of our instructors by calling the St John Street clinic on 0161 883 0077.

Does it matter if I can only attend one session a week, rather than two?
No, six sessions over six weeks is recommended. However if you want to attend 2 blocks - e.g. a Monday class and a Wednesday class to attend classes twice a week you will gain improvements quicker. This is entirely up to you.

I'm not sure I'd like to pay for a block of sessions because I've never attended Pilates before and might not like it, can I just pay for one?
Our Beginners/Advanced Pilates classes are available in a block of 6 classes and our Pre and Post Natal classes are available in a block of 4 classes. If you are unsure about committing to a block of sessions, you could arrange a one to one appointment with one of our physiotherapists before attending a class or speak to one of our instructors before booking.

I don't feel I'll need a block of 6 Beginners classes as I've attended Pilates before, can I split the 6 classes between Beginner and Intermediate - Advanced?
If you feel you are in this situation please call the clinic to speak to one of our instructors to see if starting the Intermediate - Advanced Pilates class would be most suitable. Pre and Post Natal Pilates Classes

Is Pilates exercise harmful to my baby in any way?
No, Pilates is a light form of exercise which is only beneficial for you and your baby. Exercises are specially designed for your changing body, to prepare your body for birth.

Would it be most beneficial to continue classes throughout my pregnancy? This may be a problem financially.
After your first block of six sessions over six weeks, you can choose whether to have a break in classes and continue Pilates at home or you can buy another block back to back. As long as you are combining the six principles of Pilates at home without requiring feedback you will still reap the benefits.

Can I buy a block of Pilates classes as a gift for my friend who is pregnant/ just had a baby? Could I attend with her?
Yes, as long as you have read the precautions on the Pre Natal Pilates class and Post Natal Pilates class pages. The Pilates exercises are designed specifically for pregnant women but you are welcome to pay for a block of classes if you would like to join in also.

How long should I attend the Post Natal Pilates class for before returning to my normal (Beginners/Intermediate - Advanced) class?
This depends on individual progress but it is usually takes 12 weeks plus before you feel ready to move on.

Can I bring my baby to the Post Natal Pilates class?
Babies are welcome in the Post Natal classes until they are of crawling age. It is the mothers responsibility for the child while taking part in the Post Natal class extra childcare will not be provided. We ask that the babies are kept in a pushchair or carry seat during the class but we are happy for mother to comfort the child as required.


I've seen a Manchester Physio Pilates poster/ leaflet with the class days and times on. Can I just turn up or do I need to book?
You need to ring us on 0161 883 0077 to book onto the class.

Are there any waiting lists for Pilates classes?
No there are currently no waiting lists for the classes. If the classes become full we will look at opening a new class for a new group.

Do I have to pay for my sessions in advance?
Yes, when you ring up to book onto a class we take advance payment over the phone. The Beginners and Intermediate - Advanced Pilates classes are £60 for 6 classes and the Pre and Post Natal classes are £60 for 4 classes.

What if I can no longer attend the days classes are held? Will I get a refund for my remaining sessions?
You will pay for your sessions and book your block of classes in advance. If you can no longer attend you will not get a refund but a friend or family member may be able to take your place in the classes

What if I need to cancel a class? Will I lose my session?
Unfortunately classes are booked in blocks of 6 sessions over 6 weeks, so if you cancel a class you will lose your session. However, if there is a space within the other class in the same week you can attend that class.

How do I cancel my attendance to a Pilates class?
If you would like to cancel your attendance to a class call us on 0161 883 0077 or e-mail please give us at least 24 hours notice and note that you may lose your session.

Can my Private Medical Insurer pay for my sessions?
Private medical insurers do not cover the cost of Pilates classes but, depending on your policy, they may pay for one to one Pilates sessions as part of physiotherapy rehabilitation. Please check your policy before you book.

To book e-mail us or call Manchester Physio on 0161 883 0077.

Our Manchester Physio Pilates classes are held at our modern central Manchester clinic:

Manchester Physio
3-5 St John Street
M3 4DN

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We have on street parking available and our clinic very easily accessible via public transports links.

Pilates Classes

The classes held at the St John Street clinic are:
All Pilates classes are ran by our specialised physiotherapists who are fully trained in the Pilates method.

One to one Pilates Sessions

Manchester Physio also provide one to one Pilates sessions at the central Manchester clinic at the above St John Street address.

Alternatively, one to one sessions via home visit for your convenience.

To book onto a class or to book a one to one session call Manchester Physio today on
0161 883 0077 or e-mail

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