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Working With Businesses

Whatever your business type Manchester Physio can help you. Our vast array of services can benefit businesses of all sizes in all industries by keeping staff at work, happy and pain free.

Our business physiotherapy services are designed to reduce absenteeism whilst promoting employee wellbeing and productivity. Whatever your requirements Manchester Physio can meet your needs. Services commonly provided for businesses include:

On Site Physiotherapy

On-site physiotherapy is provided for organisations that would prefer their workers to be treated within workplace.

Our experienced physiotherapists provide physiotherapy assessments and treatment at times convenient to your business to allow staff to make a full recovery as quickly as possible. An added benefit of on-site physiotherapy is that quick and feedback on the progress of workers can be given to employers, managers or occupational health departments. When the employee's treatment is complete advice can be given regarding possible implementations and adaptations to prevent a reoccurrence of the injury, potentially minimising the risk of injury to other employees. This approach to workplace injury management is cost effective as it reduces the amount of time the worker spends away from the workplace and, if required, can allow numerous employees to be seen in one session.

If workers are unable to work due to their injury Manchester Physio can arrange to see them at their home. Return to work plans can be devised between the physiotherapist, employer and employee and, if appropriate, advice and adaptations to facilitate return to work in the shortest time possible can also be discussed.

Our onsite physiotherapy service can be provided to work alongside existing occupational health or medical services.

Ergonomic Work Station Assessments and Reports

Manchester Physio provide a wide variety of workstation assessments and reports for numerous purposes. Correct office is proven to have a positive effect on the health of the workforce and is reflected in the company's overall performance. These include assessments for:
  • Desk based computer workers
  • Call centre workers
  • Microscope workers
  • Production line workers
  • Factory based workers
  • Packers
Every year approximately 35% of the working population in the UK suffer from back pain with a further 17% complaining of aches in their arms and legs. Work-related musculo-skeletal problems cost the UK up to 6 billion pounds each year lost production. Therefore, it is a legal necessity for employers to carry out workstation assessments (Health and Safety Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992).

Poor work station ergonomics can cause many problems. An ergonomic assessment gives the employee an individual workstation assessment and postural advice. The aim of the assessment is to identify and remove risk factors, minimising the risk of current or future health problems or reduced work performance. Risk factors may be related to working posture, the design or set up of the work area, equipment design, or simply the way in which the worker carries out a task. A list of suppliers and cost estimates will be provided wherever a change or alteration to equipment is advised.

Return to Work Programmes

Manchester Physio have helped many people successfully return to and maintain a normal working life, despite previously being absent from work for long periods of time. Our treatment, management and rehabilitation of patient's work-related injuries are cost effective when compared with the business costs of absenteeism. Our Return-to-Work Rehabilitation Programme is specifically designed to help people return to all their normal daily activities after an accident or injury.

The Return-to-Work programme is a combination of physiotherapy treatment, graduated exercise programmes, and graduated programme of returning to work (produced in discussion with the employer). The programme is specifically geared towards work related tasks. In this way we can achieve much more, maintain good relationships between employees and employers, and help people return to work successfully.

Manual Handling Training

Manchester Physio provide manual handling sessions tailored to your needs, whatever your industry. We can provide this legally required training over a broad range of professions from office workers to manual labourers to care home staff. Areas covered can be basic spinal anatomy and biomechanics, common types and mechanisms of manual handling injuries, the identification and reduction of risks during work practices and the demonstration and practice of basic handling techniques.

Posture and Back Care Classes

Manchester Physio provide group back care education and advice at the workplace. The outcome of the classes can be designed around the requirements of the employer and employees. These classes are aimed at educating employees and, therefore, reducing absenteeism. The classes would normally discuss the basic structure and biomechanics of the spine, potentially problematic postures and explain why these can lead to problems. Correct posture and body movement in standing and during handling is often demonstrated and practiced within the group. A programme of basic exercises can also be taught to continue with at work and home to improve spinal strength and flexibility. Employers often request that part of the class be spent discussing the management of common injuries within the particular workplace, such as acute lower back/neck pain.

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